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Importing ranges

Importing ranges

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What you'll do here:

Learn how to insert, edit, and import ranges,
how to use the range search feature, browse and categorize your ranges.

To import your ranges, click on the "+" in the top right corner of your dashboard:

In the drop-down that appears, click on import ranges:

After clicking import ranges, the following screen will appear:

Click any hand to add it manually to the range, click again to deselect it.
By using this slider you can increase or decrease the number of hands in range. You can also enter the range manually like the 25% range inserted here as an example.
In here you can see added folders and imported ranges.
In this section, you can browse ranges you purchased from GTO Ranges Shop. In this case, the ranges are for Spin&Go for 2 players and 22bb stack size. In the screenshot above we can see Small Blind raised 2x, and Big Blind calls after Small Blind raise first-in.

Just above the range matrix, you can find this panel:

Click here to either clear entered range, copy it, or paste the range from the clipboard.
Switch between being able to manually edit ranges in global or seeing specific combos.
Here you can choose a specific suit.
Adjust how often a combo is in the range, in here it's 90% of the time. Another way of doing this is left-clicking a specific combo and sliding your mouse up or down.

To the right of the ranges matrix there is the ranges library:

SEARCH: Click here to search for a specific range.
ADD FOLDER: Add folder and subfolders for the ranges and select the place for it.
IMPORT: Import a previously created range file or folder.

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Updated on: 05/10/2021

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