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Categorizing your hand

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Categorize your hands

Place your hands in a folder to keep it organized. In this section of the quick start guide, you'll learn how to categorize your hands.

Click on the load game button in your dashboard, and the following screen will appear:

Explanation of the buttons in section 1.
All: Click here to see all hands that have been saved.
Draft: Click here to see all draft hands that have been saved.
Calculated: Click here to see all calculated hands that have been saved.
Search: Use this function to look for a hand in your library.
Move to folder: Click here to move your selected hand into a folder.
Delete selected: Click here to delete the selected hand from your library.
Add folder: Click here to add a folder to your library.
Here you will find the folders that are currently available.
Here you'll find all the saved hands you've created.
Click here to go back to your dashboard.
After you click on a hand, you will see a game preview of that hand here.
After you have selected a hand, you can either delete it here or load it into Deepsolver.

Find and click on the hand you want to place in a folder.

Then click on move to folder and the following pop-up will appear.

Select the folder you want to place your hand in ,and click on move game. If your folder is not listed, you can easily create a new folder here, and place your hand in it.

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Updated on: 06/10/2021

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