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GTO Preflop Range Shop

GTO preflop range shop

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You might spend your time - and your hourly - creating your own, custom ranges. Also you can buy your ranges on the internet for high prices.

With our GTO preflop range shop, this is no longer necessary. In just a few clicks you can have your ranges and all for free.

What you'll do here:

Learn how to use GTO ranges in our shop and apply them wherever you want in Deepsolver.

For any ranges from Deepsolver range shop, exploitability will not be higher than 0,5% - assuming that your opponent is godlike and plays also GTO-ranges.

After choosing the custom hand option from your dashboard, and completing the define game section you will see the section below:

You'll see the GTO Preflop Range Shop:

After clicking CHANGE (1) you can choose from 3 poker types:

Here you can see the 9 seated MTT / 6 seated cash and 2 or 3 seated Spin&Go. After choosing your poker type, choose the two active players.

For example, if you are interested in button vs big blind ranges in cash games, simply click BU and BB, and click on "next".

The next screen will show GTO Range library and game settings:

Here you select the active players whose ranges you want.
By using this slider you can increase or decrease the stack depth of the GTO ranges.
You can choose a Single Raised Pot (SRP), a 3-bet pot or a 4-bet pot in this example.
Choose a raise first-in sizing.
These are the range files you will get. In this case: Button raise first-in and Big Blind call after Button raise first-in with 2.25x.
Click here to apply ranges to your hand and move forward.

After clicking apply ranges, the ranges for both players are automatically added to the Build tree and set ranges section:

If you like to get back to the ranges you have used, you can find them on the import ranges section on the Deepsolver dashboard (Click on "+" at the top right).

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Updated on: 04/10/2021

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