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Deepsolver GTO Trainer

Deepsolver GTO Trainer

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With our GTO Training mode, you are able to set up custom boards, ranges, pots, stacks and any scenario you want. Train with the best player in the world (our AI) and crush your stakes with ease. Deepsolver gives you unlimited freedom to learn, and explore the depth of GTO strategy.

1. How to use the trainer?

To use your own GTO Trainer, click on GTO Trainer in your dashboard.

In the pop-up that appears you can indicate which poker type you want to train with your trainer, by clicking on "change".

If you have chosen the Spin&Go poker type, you must also indicate the number of players, so 2 or 3 players.

After you have indicated your poker type to the trainer, click on the 2 active players so that the trainer knows what you want to train.

After selecting the active players, (in this example the SB and BB are the active players in a Spin&Go tournament) you automatically enter the SMART option menu, where the trainer has already entered data for you automatically. If you want to change the stack depth and/or preflop action you use the dropdown menus

If you want to manually enter the stacks, and pot size, click CUSTOM.

2. Set ranges

The next step is to set the ranges (in this example for the SB and BB), so that the trainer knows which ranges you want to work with.

Smart mode: Adjust your ranges manually or buy and apply ranges.
Custom mode: Adjust your ranges manually

Adjusting ranges manually

You can enter your ranges in many different ways:

Syntax function
Copy/Paste function
Enter percentage, where 10% represents the top 10%.
Ranges from your library
Using your purchased ranges
Import ranges
Manually clicking ranges in the matrix

After you have selected the ranges for both players, click on close in the top right and click on start game on the next screen.

3. Settings

In the settings you indicate what you want to be trained in. You can choose from the following settings:

Position: Random / IP / OOP
Flop textures: Random / Mono / Paired
Game mode: Whole hand or one street
Build decision tree: Size of the tree you want to generate (Custom / Small / Medium / Large)
Game accuracy: Amount of iterations per node - FAST mode or ACCURATE mode -.
Checkbox for pre-calculated flops for faster gameplay.

After you have entered your settings, click on start game at the bottom right to start your training

4 Decisions & actions in the GTO Trainer.

When is your decision Perfect/Good/Mistake or blunder?

Perfect: strategic action with the biggest probability
Good: above 2% , or if there was raise, above 5%
Mistake: less than good
Blunder: less than 1%

4.1 EQ Buckets

How is the equity of my range distributed?
Your range is divided into four categories, so you can immediately see how much equity your range has and which category it falls into. The four categories are:


4.2 Different mode options

If you use this option, the trainer will give you hints at every action possible.

After clicking your action, you will see the strategy and EV of each action.

After clicking your action, the trainer will show you if it was a good action or not. Here it also shows the strategy and EV of your action.

4.3 Randomizer

In each hand you play in the trainer, you will see a randomizer to the left of the action buttons. This can be very useful to make the right decision in the trainer. The randomizer will generate a number from 0-100 for every hand.

4.4 Changing settings during your session

Would you like to change the settings of the trainer, for example from a random position to IP training? Then click on this button, to the right of the action buttons:

The following screen will appear, and you can change the settings of the trainer again:

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Updated on: 04/10/2021

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