How will GTO and Deepsolver help me to win more in poker?

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GTO Trainer

With our GTO Training mode, you are able to set up custom boards, ranges, pots, stacks and any scenario you want. Train with the best player in the world (our AI) and crush your stakes with ease. Deepsolver gives you unlimited freedom to learn GTO.

Advanced Analytics

Learn fast, learn easy and most of all - learn how to win - with our advanced Analytics and Visualization modules. Until now mastering GTO Strategy was often based on hard learning, detailed hand analysis and reverse engineering of the process. Not any more. You'll get your results in easy to understand format, with powerful graphs and charts that are easy to learn.

Hand Locking

As a pro, you might have solid reads on your regular opposition. If you got fellow pros on your stakes (you do), you'll have to crush them to advance further. With Deepsolver you can lock your Villain range (as you know his personal tendencies) and prepare optimal counterstrategies for any opposition at any level. Poker is a game of thin margins and minimal edge - raise yours with Next-Generation Poker Solver.

GTO Preflop Range Shop

You might spend your time (and your hourly) on creating your own ranges. You can buy them from vendors at a heavy price. Or just get our real-life adjusted GTO Ranges with one, simple click. You can even buy more ranges on the fly, as you do your calculations and analysis. Do you want to find out how things would play out with a different set of ranges? With Deepsolver you're just one click away.

One-Click Smart Tree Builder

Building game trees never been easier! All you need is one click and we're ready go. We build our trees fast, we build them effortlessly, we build them in Digital Cloud and most of all - we build them smart! Our AI is working 24/7 to choose the right sizings and guarantee the highest possible EV of your strategies. If you need full control over your trees or you'd like to input specific bet sizings you can use our custom mode where you can manually choose any settings you like?

Some non-standard, exploitative data - we're here for you as well. Do what you want, when you want it and where you want it.

Play vs Solution

Discovery Mode - learn how good you are and discover proper strategies for the opposition. Learn fun and easy with user-friendly design, analytics visualizations and real-life scenarios.

Dark mode, Light mode

Deepsolver is founded and created by Poker Pros. We understand brain and eye fatigue as much as you do. That's why with Deepsolver you can choose between Dark and Light Modes - depending on your needs and lighting conditions. Get hard on the Villain, get easy on your eyes!

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Updated on: 21/09/2021

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