Difference between Deepsolver and existing poker tools

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Next-Generation Poker Solver

We redefined the concept of speed and usability, creating a new class of Nash-Equilibrium poker solvers. Sharpen your edge with the fastest, most user-friendly experience for poker professionals in years.


Our Neural Net makes Deepsolver incredibly fast. So fast in fact, that we're able to cut calculation times from minutes (and in the case of bulk calculations even hours) to seconds. Deepsolver is running on a proprietary combination of artificial neural networks supported by machine learning capabilities. That's why we're able to deliver results to your screen in seconds, not minutes or even hours.

100% cloud, 0% hardware cost

Learn GTO Strategy, analyze the game and train against the toughest opposition - our superhuman AI. No need to buy $20.000 USD servers, no need for hundreds of GB of RAM. Deepsolver is sold in a subscription model with different price points, adjusted to the need of players at different stakes and playing various game types. Enjoy access to your Poker Solver any time, any place in the world. All you need is a laptop, internet connection and updated browser.

Go into hyperspeed

Deepsolver estimates Expected Value and payout on the next streets based on machine-trained Artificial Intelligence, Neural Net and strategy combo. You save time for analysis and you bring your hourly rate even higher. Deepsolver is founded by poker pros and we know that every hour spent on analysis is an hour spent not earning money at the poker tables. And we like to earn money playing poker. We want to cut your analysis time to the minimum, rising your hourly rate at the same time.

Pro experience

Learn optimal strategy quicker and more effectively with advanced visualizations, filters, and a smooth user experience. Access from any place and any PC, get into session right when you want to and enjoy the Next-Gen experience.
Transfer your knowledge from theory to the poker table even faster and take advantage of our one-on-one and in-app onboarding as well as your Technical Support and Customer Success Teams. Get in touch and tell us what you need to get the most value out of Deepsolver.

CFR Engine

If we wanted to be precisely at the right spot of Nash Equilibrium, both precision and technological elasticity were required. Speed is also a huge factor.

We decided to build our proprietary CFR engine and we pumped it up with the power of Cloud. No hardware is required, no expensive servers. Instead of eating gigabytes of RAM from your in-home server, you'll feast at Amazon Cloud Services, the fastest and most advanced solution for cloud applications, utilized by professionals and the biggest tech brands out there. Just subscribe and enjoy the fastest, most advanced technological solution for poker professionals.

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Updated on: 21/09/2021

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