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Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

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Learn fast, learn easy and most of all - learn how to win - with our advanced Analytics and Visualisation modules. Until now mastering GTO Strategy was often based on hard learning, detailed hand analysis and reverse engineering of the process. Not any more. You'll get your results in easy to understand format, with powerful graphs and charts that are easy to learn.

What you'll do here:

Learn how to use the analytics bars in Deepsolver.
This part of our guide is aimed at users who are already familiar with solvers and want to use some more advanced features.
If you want to learn the basic analysis first, go to this guide.

Let's start

In this guide, we are going to take a deeper look at the analytics section. We are using this example:

We play in a 9 max MTT game from the BU (Button) where the blinds are 5/10 ante 10 and the effective stack size is 800 (80bb). We raise 2.5x preflop, SB Folds, BB calls.

The flop is KdTh8s.

Click on the Analytics button at the top right:

The analytics section will pop up:

In here hands are ranked in descending order in terms of strength, with the strongest on top of the page, in this example: sets.
Clicking a toggle displayed to the left of each hand category will display the combos in the range matrix.
Pressing the toggle will also be displayed in the bet sizing section, to show you which sizing is the most frequent with the selected hand category.
In the strategy section, we have horizontal bars that depict the strength of a hand in each hand category.

Hands in the horizontal bars are ordered by EV. The highest EV hands are on the left side of the bar and they are ranked in descending order.

The biggest bet is highlighted with the darkest shade of red. The lower the bet size, the lighter the shade is displayed. We used 4 bet sizes in our simulation: 25% / 50% / 150% and a 200% overbet. Check is highlighted with blue.

This section displays the number of combos in a particular hand category, its part in an overall range, EV and EQ.

Want to know if you can go crazy with your hand?

Let's say we want to see how one of our combos performs on this flop.

If we want to look at our hand, hover over a specific horizontal bar and look for the hand.
In this case, we choose KsJh, which is a top pair.

Here we can see the strength of a particular combo
This section shows how often Deepsolver is using each bet sizing.
Shows us how often the combo is in our range.
After clicking a specific combo on the horizontal bar, a detailed breakdown of this combo will be displayed on the matrix.
Clicking the area above the horizontal bar of a specific hand category will display its combos on the matrix.

The analytics section impacts our range matrix as well, in this example the EV section.

Selecting the EV matrix while in the Analytics bar allows you to see the EV of each bet sizing.

Here you can see a specific combo we want to take a look at.
How often in % a solver is using B27 sizing (50% of the pot).
The EV of the bet sizing.
Bet sizings possible in this scenario.

In this example for AsAh, the "EVs" of each sizing are almost identical (72). The solver likes the B82 (150% of the pot) with this combo most. It uses it with 64% frequency. There is a close second place between an 200% overbet (B110) and a 50% (B27), but the big boy takes it.

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Updated on: 05/10/2021

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